Call for participants 5th Euro-Arab Youth Forum

5th Euro-Arab Youth Forum – Learning and Practicing Citizenship
Young people’s values and commitments to intercultural and inclusive societies

The 5th Euro-Arab Youth Forum aims to foster mutual cooperation and dialogue among young Arab and European leaders, representatives of associations and decision-makers, on the meanings and practices of citizenship by young people and the challenges they face in their paths to autonomy.
Objectives of the forum:
    To contribute to the development of shared knowledge and to increase the awareness about meanings and practices of active citizenship by young people
    To reflect on the meanings of citizenship within the context of Euro-Arab cooperation.
    To exchange on realities and challenges faced youth organisations engaged in the education and promotion of citizenship and human rights
    To explore the role and practices of education for citizenship  and human rights in building peaceful cohesive societies and preventing discrimination, hate speech, islamophobia and extremism leading to violence or terrorism
    To present and give visibility to projects and meaningful practices in the Euro-Arab region that educate and promote citizenship by and for young people.
    To develop proposals which aim to involve young people in the issues on the Arab-European dialogue agenda (social, economic, spiritual, cultural, and political) based on their ability to challenge stereotypical images.

Where: European Youth Centre Strasbourg, France

When: 2 – 5 September, 2015


Be aged between 18 and 30 years

Have a demonstrated experience in civil society and youth work

Be actively interested in the forum aims and themes and in following up of the forum within their organisations.

Ability to communicate and communicate in English or Arabic.

The co-organisers aim to select and invite:

36 participants from member states of the Arab League

36 participants from the Council of Europe member states, co-recruited by the Council of Europe and the European Youth Forum