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Social DOers is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established by young professionals invested in what they DO!

Social DOers is acting as a Think-Tank & Resource Centre focused on topics related to Youth, Social Innovation and Social Justice, while working with a multi-stakeholder approach – engaging with civil society organizations, public institutions, as well as young people and youth workers.

Our Aim is to support evidence based policies, as well as to develop initiatives for young people and society at large, in order to guarantee their full participation in the political, social and economic life.

Among the main objectives:

  • advocating for social and economic justice
  • promoting democratic values, human rights and active citizenship
  • stimulating evidence based initiatives that support economic and social development of young people and adults
  • promoting creativity, innovation and social change
  • facilitating cooperation between various stakeholders in Romania and in other countries on topics such as sustainable development, support of research development and social entrepreneurship

Our organization was formally established in 2012 as a joint working space for experts, youth leaders and youth workers interested in advocacy, policy making and human rights. Since its establishment, the organization has been acting as an initiator and resource centre in various youth initiatives.

Social DOers is led by a team of young professionals working with young people and youth organizations for more than 10 years (from local and national youth councils to international youth organizations such as AEGEE, European Youth Forum or European Youth Card Association).

Our experience ranges from development of national youth policies or National Legislation (eg. National Law on Youth, National standard for Youth Workers, National Youth Guarantee Scheme, National Internship Law), to involvement in European & international initiatives (eg. Youth Employment Action – an initiative coordinated by the European Youth Forum, European Quality Charter of Internships and Apprenticeships, Cooperation of young people in the Black Sea Region & in the South-Eastern Europe).

Social DOers’ Team benefits of extensive knowledge in Project & International grants Management (at both national and international level) and has successfully led various teams of volunteers and/or professionals.


  1. European Coalition for the rights of young NEETs (permanent initiative)

In August 2016 Social DOers initiated the “European Coalition for the Rights of young NEETs” – an initiative developed in partnership with organizations from Austria, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Romania & UK and officially launched on the 25th of January 2017 in the European Parliament.

The Coalition is a civil society response to the need for joint action among all stakeholders and better-coordinated European policies addressed to young people in NEET situations (not in employment, education or training) or at risk of becoming NEETs.

The Europe Coalition is a multi-stakeholder platform advocating for the rights of young NEETs or at risk of becoming NEET, by raising awareness on the NEET phenomenon (effects and causes) and by contributing to a wider cooperation among all stakeholders that have a role in the social & economic integration of young NEETs (NGOs, social partners, private sector & public institutions).

The platform already published an updated overview of the policies addressed to young NEETs in all partner countries, organized a series of national events and two high level events in Brussels (European Parliament):
– “Investing in Europe’s Invisible Generation – young NEETs and the need for a coordinated approach” ()
– “No Generation left behind – pathways to inclusion for current and future generations” ()

The initiative brings together representatives of NGOs, National Youth Councils, youth workers, researchers, universities, trade unions, public institutions (national/regional governments & MEPs) and is aiming to be expanded all over Europe (not limited to EU).
Funding: Erasmus+, Key Action 3 (Structured Dialogue)
– Romanian Youth Gala: 1st Prize for the best initiative on Social Inclusion (2017)
– Romanian National Agency for Erasmus Plus: Nominated as one of the 20 most successful projects in the 20 years of Erasmus Programme in Romania (2017)

  1. National NGO coalition for the rights of young NEETs (permanent initiative)

In 2015 Social DOers initiated the national platform “NGO coalition for the rights of young people in NEET situations”, funded through the NGO Fund in Romania (SEE grants) and that later led to the similar European initiative.

Ever since, through the initiative (that currently brings together more than 40 Romanian NGOs), Social DOers is working on multiple levels:

  • capacity building of NGOs in developing better social services for young NEETs or at risk of becoming NEET
  • advocating for better social and economic policies addressed to young NEETs
  • raising awareness on the phenomenon at national level, including by developing the 1st Romanian research on the costs of NEETs and monitoring youth policies targeted at young NEETs
  • organising regular meetings for the members of the Coalition and other relevant stakeholders.
  1. Digital Citizens Lab (2016) – the initiative led to the establishment of the 1st Romanian Digital Think-Tank, “Digital Citizens Romania”, aiming to bridge the European and international debates with the national one. (www.digitalcitizens.net)

”Digital Citizens Lab” was designed with the objective of developing digital skills of young people and supporting their interests of developing technology tools to increase youth participation and access to education.

The project included the development of the 1st mixt community of young activists and tech developers in Romania with the aim to contribute to EdTech and CivicTech development.
Funding: Civic Innovation Fund Romania

Other activities:

  • Member in the National Committee of No Hate Speech Movement (Council of Europe), contributing to debates and initiatives that raise awareness on the ways social media works, importance of human rights online, analysis of online behaviour especially of young people etc.
  • Involved in the consultations related to priorities of Romanian presidency to the Council of the European Union.
  • Cooperation within the Mediterranean framework, focused on youth, young women, migration, refugees.
  • Cooperation with the National Ministry on Youth and Sports in developing the National Strategy for Youth and Legislation on Volunteering and Internships.
  • Cooperation with public institutions responsible for Employment, Social Affairs, European Affairs – in order to create internship/apprenticeship schemes for young people, currently working on a national framework to further support VET and dual education, especially in sectors that are going through major transformations due to emerging technologies.
  • Contributing to various working groups related to youth policies in national and international contexts.
  • Partner in the project “A young vision for public policies in Romania and Bulgaria” led by Romania Youth Council and implemented together with UNICEF Romania (2014). The project aimed at showcasing good practices implemented by youth NGOs in working directly with young NEETs, but also to provide policy recommendations to Romanian Government and UNICEF offices in Romania and Bulgaria in order to address the needs of young NEETs.