UN Security Council Ministerial Debate on the Role of Youth in Countering Violent Extremism and Promoting Peace

On 1st  April 2015, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan assumed Presidency of the Security Council. At a press conference at the United Nations headquarters on Thursday, Ambassador Dina Kawar, Permanent representative of Jordan to the United Nations, announced that Jordan will convene a Ministerial Open Debate at the Security Council on 23 April 2015 on “the Role of Youth in Countering Violent Extremism and Promoting Peace”.

“Jordan believes that young people are essential partners in countering violent extremism and promoting peace. That’s why we are utilizing our presidency of the Security Council to raise this important issue.” said Ambassador Kawar.

Jordan will host this debate at the backdrop of the rise of radicalization and violent extremism, especially amongst the youth. Violent extremism is one of the most pressing threats to peace, stability and development of our time and future.

The United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, Ahmad Alhendawi, welcomed this announcement saying, “This is an unprecedented opportunity where the Security Council will be debating how to empower young people, who are often the most affected by conflict, to contribute positively to countering violent extremism and promoting peace. We are grateful to the government of Jordan for championing the important agenda around youth, peace and security.”

The Open Debate will address the nexus between youth, violent extremism, sustainable development, and the social and economic dimensions. Furthermore, the debate will cover how radicalization among youth can be mitigated and prevented, starting at an early age, through developing appropriate sustainable development strategies that meet their basic needs. The Open Debate will focus on the role that the United Nations, Member States, youth organizations and youth can play in addressing this phenomenon.

“While the involvement of the youth could be a part of the challenge related to violent extremism, youth themselves can also be the core of the solution,” expressed Ambassador Kawar.

The Security Council debate will discuss the urgent action required on a national, sub-regional, regional and international level, in order to address this issue and place the youth at the center of the global agenda to counter violent extremism.

“This debate is central to discussing the causality and intersectionality of youth and violent extremism” expressed Alhendawi. “The cooperation between all stakeholders is vital now more than ever to unleash the power of young people in promoting peace and prosperity.

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