Peace Education seminars

From 24–31 May, IFM-SEI offers two peace education seminars taking place in the Kurt-Loewenstein Education Centre: A training course on mediation, and a seminar on conflicts and war.

The deadline is extended until 20th April,
Violence and war are all around us and affect every one of us, no matter where we live. Children and young people are victims of armed conflicts, they are exposed to war propaganda and violence in the media.

Peace is the absence of wars, terrorism, torture and violence. But it is much more than that. Peace is achieved through respect, solidarity, through the absence of economic and social inequalities.

Peace is something that concerns whole states, ethnic groups or religions, but also interactions between individuals, between peers, between children and adults.

Through our education, our activities and groups we want to achieve a real culture of peace!

From 24–31 May 2015, we will work on this topic in 2 parallel seminars, both taking place in the Kurt-Loewenstein Haus in Werftfpuhl, Germany.

  • Wars and Conflicts Seminar
  • Mediation Training Course

In the Wars and Conflicts Seminar we will explore armed conflicts, particularly the ones ‘forgotten’ in the media. We will talk about political armed conflicts going on in our societies – in Europe, the Caucasus, the Middle East and North Africa. We will discuss the causes and consequences of war and violence and reflect on the role of young people in conflicts. We will develop critical thinking as a tool for peace education and finally, we will also develop peace education activities that we can use to raise awareness of wars and conflicts with other children and young people.

The Mediation Training will bring together young people who are interested in becoming mediators and peace educators within their organisations and for IFM-SEI. We will talk about bullying and reflect on conflicts and violence between children and young people. We will think about how these conflicts can best be resolved or transformed with the help of peers. As a participant, you will receive training on mediation skills so that you can become a mediator in your organisation, your school or at IFM-SEI events.

Both seminars will take place parallel to each other. We will share some parts of the programme to bring the political and the personal perspective together and we will spend our free time together.

Are you interested? Then decide if you want to take part in the Mediation Training Course or the Wars & Conflicts Seminar and apply online before 20th April 2015.


  • For participants from Western Europe and Israel: 100 Euro
  • For participants from Eastern Europe: 50 Euro
  • For participants from Palestine and Western Sahara: Free

Thanks to a grant of the European Youth Foundation, travel costs to Werftpfuhl (Germany) and visa costs will be fully reimbursed.

Profile of participants:

  • You should be between 18 and 30 years old (exceptions possible)
  • You should be able to work in English
  • You should work with children or young people in youth organisations on a regular basis
  • You should be motivated to work on the topic of the seminars
  • You should be willing to use what you have learned in a children or youth group
  • You must be able to participate for the whole duration of the seminars.

More information here!

Please submit the online application form here before 20th April 2015.