2015 NGO Conference at the United Nations

The UN’s 70th anniversary is a very special time to gather NGOs, celebrate their successes and leaders over many years, focus on the post-2015 agenda of the SDGs, and cast an eye to the future with a special highlight on Youth in NGOs.

Brought together by the esteemed cooperation among certain Member States and civil society, the 2015 NGO Conference at the United Nations will celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations with the theme: Honoring the Past, Recognizing the Present, and Imagining the Future. The Conference will bring together the vast diversity of international civil society constituencies, NGO stakeholders, and campaigns to the United Nations.

The pre-conference (22 and 23 August) will be a chance for NGOs from around the world to share with others their mission and vision. Indoor and alfresco spaces can be made available for NGOs who wish to build their own audiences for special events prior to the main conference. (Write to the organizers for details and restrictions.) During the conference (25, 26, and 27 August), the conference will convene delegates on the UN campus, in the General Assembly Hall and other venues, to focus on three issues:

Honoring the Past – recognizing individuals and NGOs who helped make the UN-NGO relationship what it is today;
Recognizing the Present – providing an important opportunity to build civil society’s capacity to implement the UN’s post–2015 agenda: the SDGs;
Imagining the Future – looking ahead to promote youth from interns and lower administrative staff into managerial and directorial roles in the future.


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