Asociatia COSI

COSI (Civic Orientation and Social Inclusion) is a nongovernmental and non-profit entity; an organization aiming to promote social inclusion of disadvantaged children, youth and adults or groups and individuals with special needs.

The NGO proposes to overcome social exclusion through social and civic areas. Regarding the social aspect of the activity, the main objectives include helping individuals in disadvantaged situations to overcome the problems and set of needs, assisting them and trying to provide a normal, dignifying level of life.

Moreover, within the civic area of activity, the NGO is dealing with NEET youngsters on local and national level, working towards introducing non-formal education to promote critical and creative thinking, as well as innovative or proven teaching and learning forms, thus creating the introduction to the individual’s active and development-oriented citizenship. Therefore, through the civic and social sets of activities, COSI is trying to prevent the vicious circle of social exclusion of any kind.

In practice, our NGO is celebrating the International Days of United Nations by conducting activities related to our objectives, trying to make an impact on the community and the local disadvantaged individuals, especially NEET youngsters and raise awareness regarding different civic and social issues.

COSI’s objectives consists in:

  • Promoting of democracy, human rights, transparency and good governance, participatory democracy.
  • Combating racism and xenophobia, discrimination, social inequality, poverty and exclusion of any kind (including rural areas), gender inequality and gender-based violence. Helping individuals and families in disadvantaged situations by providing social services and benefits.
  • Increasing social integration and social reintegration of NEET youngsters.
  • Promote the involvement of young people and adults in civic activities through volunteering and active citizenship.
  • Helping young people with fewer opportunities to obtain a stable job and / or further and graduation.
  • Reducing dropout in disadvantaged communities.
  • Develop a sense of belonging to the European Union of youngsters in Romania, especially for young people with fewer opportunities.
  • Promotion of European cooperation in the youth field.

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