Smiling Europe: Innovation & new methods in youth work_3-9 Sept Enna (Italy)

Social DOers, under the leadership of Giosef Italy, is looking for 2 youth workers/youth trainers to take part in  a new European adventure!

Fill in the application on the Salto platform until 25th of July!

“Smiling Europe” is aimed to innovate non formal education & improve the skills of youth workers in using methods that address anti-discrimination and inclusion. The main session will be an open Barcamp. BE READY, PARTICIPATE, SHARE AND SMILE.

“Smiling Europe” is a Partnership Building project. It is meant to foster work and cooperation in youth field, to be smart and innovative and to give our contribution towards European growth and social cohesion. We think that, by sharing experiences and good practices, we can reach the objective of improving our competences and our quality work as well as promoting the job carried out by youth workers.

The Countries taking part to the project are 6: Italy, Romania, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary.

The activities will take place in an hotel based in Enna and they will last for 7 days (included arrival and departure days). During the Seminar different non-formal education methodologies will be used. There will also be sessions related to project drafting and management within the framework of Erasmus+ programme as well as a session on competences recognition trough Youthpass. Free time to better get to know each other is foreseen too.

The Barcamp – a new approach in youth work
On the 6th of September will be held the “Barcamp” activity runned by participants of the Seminar and open to all young Italian people who will apply to participate.

The first BarCamp was held in Palo Alto, California, from August 19–21, 2005. It was organized in less than one week, from concept to event, with 200 attendees.