Real talk: Speak Up for Europe! An initiative to inform, educate and mobilise young voters for the EP elections in 2019

The main objective of the ‘Speak Up for Europe’ initiative is to inform, educate and mobilise young voters with respect to the European elections in 2019. While the project is a politically neutral one, it clearly informs young people about their political options when voting for the EP, it explains how the political families work and the impact of their vote also on other EU institutions (the Spietzenkandidaten process).

The specific objective of this initiative is to increase the number of Romanian young people who vote for the EU elections for 2019. In this respect, the break down of this objective would mean:

a)Educate and increase knowledge of young voters – in particular the ones who go to polls for the first time – and train them to be multipliers in their communities, on topics related to the EU institutions, importance of European Parliament and how it affects their lives & issues they care about, and promoting the European values;

b)Raise awareness and offer information to the general public, but in particular the young voters, on the importance of voting during the European elections: when and where to vote, what are the political families, what impact the EP has on their lives, how their vote impacts the EU institutions, including the European Commission (Spitzenkandidaten process);

c)Offer the space for young people to engage directly with their representatives (EP candidates) and debate over issues they care about and want to put them on the political agenda.

More about the upcoming campaign on (soon to be be created website) and